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For most of us technology is a love/hate relationship. And further most of us are completely dependent on our technology. In business, the failure of technology can mean the literal shutdown of our business. Consequently, having good technology resources is paramount. What happens, however, when the person you entrust your technology needs to be separated from your business (see article below on CTOs)? The time to consider redundancy, confidentiality and related safeguards and protections is well before the need to eliminate that vital person. Don’t let your CTO hold you hostage!



5 Important Indicators of Performance Every Small Business Should Track – Ventureburn
If you don’t measure your small business’s performance, you won’t be able to improve it. There are a range of indicators that you can use to measure your company’s growth and help you to determine whether your business is on track, as well as…  READ MORE


Why Small-Business Cash Flow Matters Now More Than Ever   Chicago Business Journal
You can do all the right things to start, fund, manage and grow your small business and still fail…. READ MORE


Five Ways To Collaborate Effectively With Other Entrepreneurs – Forbes
Co-work spaces may be the best way to keep costs and risks under control, but how much do co-working founders collaborate and work together on projects? The startup community is generally a mutually supportive one, but sometimes it’s…  READ MORE


7 Surprising Questions Great Leaders Ask – Entrepreneur
Great leaders ask great questions — have you ever wondered why? Do great leaders intentionally develop the art of asking great questions because they know it’s an essential leadership skill or do people who learn to ask great questions eventually become great leaders…  READ MORE


Why Writing Is the Most Important Skill an Entrepreneur Should Master  – Inc.
One of the benefits of starting a company is that you get to meet a lot of interesting people. If you’re smart, you make the most of this benefit by asking them for advice. I’ve found that most people jump at the chance to share their…  READ MORE


It’s Not Getting Any Easier For Women To Become CEOs  – Huffington Post
The U.S. might elect its first female president this year, but that hardly means the glass ceiling has gone away. Women are still essentially locked out of the most powerful jobs in the country, according to a study released…  READ MORE


5 Things Every CEO Must Know to Start a Business  – Inc.
Starting a business is very risky. Even though failure rates have steadily come down since the Great Recession, a new business is more likely to go under than thrive. If you’re in financial services…  READ MORE



The Real Secret to Business Technology Adoption –
In a recent study, Dell found that the majority of companies consider cost a key barrier to business technology adoption. And it certainly makes sense, Gartner predicts that IT spending will reach $3.54 trillion dollars in 2016, which means an increase in budgets and pressure on companies to make sure their technology investments are sound….  READ MORE


Could your CTO hold your technology hostage? – Business Journal
Firing an employee is always a delicate matter, but nowhere does the firing process have as much potential to go nuclear as when a co-founder is involved….  READ MORE


5 Ways Business Owners Can Easily Become More Tech Savvy – Huffington Post
With so many amazing resources available online and the growing reliance on technology, there has never been a better time to learn something new. Perhaps you want to widen your reach and turn your brick and mortar business into an e-commerce enterprise…  READ MORE


Is workplace technology making us lose the human touch in the office? – The Sydney Morning Herold
When was the last time you opted to get out of your seat to talk to a nearby colleague instead of sending them an email? If you can’t remember, you are part of a growing majority of Australian workers who are spending less time talking to colleagues face-to-face….  READ MORE



How to Buy a Business – Entrepreneur
When most people think of starting a business, they think of beginning from scratch–developing your own ideas and building the company from the ground up. But starting from scratch presents some distinct disadvantages…  READ MORE


Buying Or Selling A Business? What You Need To Know – Jobs & Hire
You may be thinking about purchasing a business that’s already on the market or maybe selling your own business for profit. However, deciding when to purchase or sell a business is much more harder than whether you should or shouldn’t…  READ MORE


How to Have a Successful Co-Founder Relationship – Entrepreneur
Choosing who your business partner(s) will be is the single most important decision you will make in your business — and potentially in your life. It is arguably more important…  READ MORE


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