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A Video Conversation with Sean McDade, CEO of PeopleMetrics- Part 5- On Recruiting

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Sean McDade is the founder and CEO of PeopleMetrics. With headquarters in Philadelphia, PeopleMetrics turns customer feedback into actionable insights that enables companies to improve the customer experience.  PeopleMetrics customer experience management software is used by thousands every day to increase customer retention, multiply sales, and deepen satisfaction. The company encourages its team members to embody the values of entrepreneurialism and collaboration, engendering a workplace culture unlike most typical businesses in the industry. A recognized authority on startups and customer experience management, Sean has published eight articles in academic journals and has spent time in front of classrooms as a marketing professor. In 2006, he received a Philadelphia Business Journal 40 Under 40 award. Sean and PeopleMetrics were also the subject of an Inc. Magazine feature about the company’s unique comeback strategy. What are you looking for in new employees? SEAN MCDADE: We’re looking for people who fit our values. We have four values that we hire for, we reward on, and are non-negotiable for us. One of them is a one-team value, so we’re looking for team players who are happy and excited to work in a variety of different areas. So, even if you’re in marketing at PeopleMetrics, you may be also involved in product, and may get pulled into some customer success work, and you may be asked to help on a proposal. We’re looking for people who are big-time team players and want to be part of a team focused on one thing, and that’s helping our clients create a better customer experience. The next one is, we want people who are thinkers. We have this value called “always thinking.” We want people who not are just order-takers but people who are thinking on behalf of their customer, the company,—“How can think things through better?” “What’s a better way to write this code?” “What’s a better way to do this analysis?” “What’s a better way to engage with the customer?” The third value is bright future, so I’m looking for optimists. I’m looking for people who feel like, “What’s possible?” And everything is possible, and anything is possible. And, while we may have obstacles, I want the people who are seeing the bright side of things. The final value is we care. I want people who care deeply about customers, who care deeply about helping them improve the customer experience, and care deeply about each other. Those are the four values: we care, always thinking, bright future, and one team. We talk about it at every company meeting, everybody has that on their evaluation for the year, and we actually provide bonuses based on people living those values. So, we write checks to employees—based on nominations from other employees—on an employee who lived a value, and we celebrate that at each meeting.

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