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A Video Conversation with Chris Sachse, CEO Horsetail Technologies and Apogee iQ- Part 1

Providing IT solutions that keep organizations in highly regulated industries secure, compliant, and proactive Chris Sachse is the CEO and co-founder of Horsetail Technologies, and the CEO of Apogee iQ. Horsetail provides collaborative, shared IT services for credit unions as well as members of other highly regulated industries nationwide. Through assessments, managed services, staffing, project consulting, and more, Horsetail allows its customers to navigate a complex technological environment without compromising safety or regulatory standing. Clients include Coastal Federal Credit Union, Marriott Employee Federal Credit Union, TwinStar Credit Union, and thousands of others. Apogee iQ is a comprehensive software solution for credit unions and other members of the financial services industry. The platform encompasses vendor management and education, enterprise and cyber risk management, business continuity, regulatory compliance, and intelligent purchasing. The company is currently offering credit unions a chance to win a Credit Union Makeover valued at $250,000. For more details, click here. Chris Sachse originally spoke with citybizlist in 2015. Watch our previous interview here. How has Horsetail progressed since we last spoke in August? CHRIS SACHSE: Horsetail is entering year five. We’ve been growing year over year, doing very well. We just moved in new space, and are continuing to grow the company. Where we’ve been primarily vertically focused in the credit union space for the last five years, we’re now branching off into more of the commercial space in the Baltimore area, trying to take advantage of our backyard, deliver some services to those folks as well. We started focusing on the credit union industry as a strategic position when we started the company. Prior to starting Horsetail, I had worked in IT consulting. We’d done work with various different businesses across the spectrum, and I started work with a few credit unions in D.C. and realized that they had a tremendous need for good IT service, but they were also under-served. What were some of the business lessons you took away from that industry? Very few companies go out and think of credit unions as a marketplace, and so very few companies, if any, tailor IT services customized for credit unions. When we started Horsetail, that was a strategic position that we wanted to take, and the last five years have really been spent building a brand in that space, building services that they want. We’ve able to do that successfully, in doing so we’ve realized that those services are transferrable to other verticals. As a service company for regulated industry, the ability to take those services and put them into a different industry that’s still regulated is something that we can do fairly simply now at this point. You can go down the list of any other regulated verticals: everything from healthcare to somebody that’s concerned about PCI, to law firms, financial planning firms—all of these folks have various different levels of regulatory needs from an IT side. The piece that we’ve learned is that most of those regulations are the same. They all come from the same foundation, if you will, and have the same intent to protect people’s data, to make sure that it’s secure and that the processes, procedures, and systems that protect that data are managed properly. So, it’s pretty transferrable once you figure out the nuances of each individual vertical. The core essence of what you’re doing is the same.  

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