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Biz Tek Today: Building A Business to Sell

biztek For those entrepreneurs out there that are building a business to sell . . . Do you know what you are selling (see the article below on point). In the article, the author hits the nail on the head. Are you selling a job, an investment opportunity, a retirement plan, a testimonial, a labor of love or a hobby? Presuming that for some, selling a business represents a liquidity event funding retirement, knowing your business’ value drivers and having the ability to enhance such drivers is paramount. It all starts with a plan and there is no time better than now to establish the plan. Waiting to develop the plan may mean that you never arrive at the destination. After all, one cannot know where to drive to, if he/she does not know where they are starting


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Knowing What You Have Is Key When Selling Your Business The Wichita Eagle As a small business owner, you have worked long and hard to reach the point that you are ready to sell your business and move on to the next big adventure….  READ MORE When Buying a Troubled Business, Consider a Royalty Deal Townhall Finance “I have an opportunity to buy a service business in my area.”The business has been run forever by a gentleman who is now 88 years old. He has run the business very informally over the …  READ MORE 5 Steps For Buying or Selling a Business Successfully Business Journal When buyers and sellers set out to buy or sell a company, they each go through five significant phases as they complete the process….  READ MORE How To Manage Existing Staff When Buying A Business This is a sensitive issue: there are legal implications involved in the process and existing employees should be treated with care and transparency to ensure a smooth ….  READ MORE What Else You Need to Know About Mergers and Acquisitions Involving Government Contractors and Their Suppliers National Law Review This posting is the second in a ten-part series on unique issues that arise in the acquisition and disposition of a company that performs government contracts or subcontracts.. READ MORE

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