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A Video Conversation with Anna Zornosa, CEO and Founder of Ruby Ribbon – Part 3 – The Social Impact

Click Here for Part 1, Part 2 Tapping into social commerce to empower women to feel and look their best Anna ZornosaAnna Zornosa is the founder and CEO of Ruby Ribbon, a social commerce apparel company based in Burlingame, CA and New York City. With a network of independent stylists across the country, Ruby Ribbon delivers personalized, at-home shopping experiences to millions of women. Anna started the company in 2011, inspired by the confidence she gained by incorporating shapewear into her everyday wardrobe. Aside from her role at Ruby Ribbon, Anna is also a corporate advisor whose clients include startups such as, Motista, Inc,, and Chloe & Isabel. She has previously held leadership positions at Yahoo!, Knight Ridder Digital, the Cobalt Group, and Topica, Inc. Do you attribute your success to a certain business practice or belief? ANNA ZORNOSA: In every company that I’ve ever run, I’ve highly valued customer research. I think you really, really need to know what your customers think. In all my companies, I’ve done some of the standard research—you know, net promoter score research, customer satisfaction research. I have to say our product line is really unique, and I’ve never seen customer satisfaction scores like those that we get with Ruby Ribbon. You offer a woman a product that makes her feel good, that is comfortable, that can take up to an inch off her waist, that is an alternative—a comfortable alternative to a bra—and you have something that theoretically should be satisfying, and in point in fact it really is. Ninety percent of our customers return to purchase again. Phenomenally, and very fortuitously for a social commerce company, 90% of our customers tell a friend about the product within two weeks of their first experience. This makes our independent stylists’ jobs a little bit easier, because they always do meet their customers in a very personal way. This is all about women who sell a product they love to people whom they love, and the fact that our customers are our biggest salespeople really makes those personal businesses easy to grow and fun to manage. What is your most popular product? We do have a three-part product line, and a woman can 100% dress herself every day feeling great in Ruby Ribbon products and walk out the door, but our flagship product is a shaping camisole. We’ve had so many women who, because of breast cancer, mastectomies, other kinds of diseases—fibromyalgia—have needed a supportive undergarment that reduces pain and makes them feel comfortable. The number of stories we’ve heard of people feeling that this one product has changed their lives has been really, really huge. Can you tell us about your social impact initiatives through Ruby Ribbon Cares? Because of the products that we sell, Ruby Ribbon is intimately connected with a lot of women who have had breast cancer—young women, older women. It’s a disease that’s in some ways so close to our connection with our customer base. As a company, we support a research facility in southern California called the City of Hope that is doing breakthrough research in breast cancer. The City of Hope is a marvelous institution. Most people aren’t aware that the City of Hope actually helped package the Salk vaccine and is the reason why there’s no polio in this country. It actually got its start because it was formed by garment workers in southern California who had no place to send their colleagues with tuberculosis. City of Hope actually found the cures to tuberculosis, and spread it across the country. So there’s a track record with this group of having solved two very important diseases in this country, and now they’re putting the full thrust of their research capabilities against breast cancer. It’s a cause that our company feels really, really strongly about. How has the social commerce model helped create your community? I have to say I am honored and touched and thrilled with the impact that Ruby Ribbon has been having on women’s lives. We get the satisfaction on an almost daily basis of hearing from our customers that they found a comfort in this product, that they found a connection with this product that surprised them, that was deeply meaningful for with them. I also am just thrilled with the entrepreneurs that have become Ruby Ribbon independent stylists. Individually, they are awesome people connected to their communities, very committed to the concept of service in so many different ways, and they are massively accomplished entrepreneurs who are really growing their own businesses alongside me, as I grow the corporate business. I get daily inspiration from them.


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