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A Video Conversation with Yoni Rosenblatt, Owner of True Sports Physical Therapy on His Biggest Challenge – Part 2

Click here for Part 1 Offering unparalleled sports rehab to Baltimore’s top-performing athletes Dr. Yoni RosenblattDr. Yoni Rosenblatt, PT, DPT, OCS is the owner of True Sports Physical Therapy. Located in downtown Baltimore, True Sports offers one-on-one rehabilitation for athletes who have experienced a sports injury, are recovering from surgery, or suffer from chronic pain. The True Sports team is composed of physical therapists and certified specialists who work side by side with their patients to not only overcome current limitations but identify the underlying causes of pain to prevent future injury. Dr. Rosenblatt has developed training methods for Division I, professional, and Olympic athletes, and is also the Director of Sports Medicine for Israel National Lacrosse. What’s the biggest challenge facing True Sports Physical Therapy? YONI ROSENBLATT: The biggest challenges we face are finding the appropriate personnel to continue to offer Baltimore’s best rehab. It’s certainly a vetting process, but one that I enjoy, as well as continuing to manage our business structure appropriately so that we can treat at a slower pace—so that we can spend 45 minutes to an hour with every patient that walks in. This is certainly unique to our model, and certainly an ongoing challenge. What’s your angle for recruiting personnel? A physical therapist should join True Sports Physical Therapy because it’s absolutely the ideal place to provide better care. We have state of the art facilities, we have an outstanding patient athletic population, and we have a business structure in which they can grow and benefit from the business they drive. It’s simply unique—and personally, I think—ideal in the physical therapy realm. Can you tell us about some of the early lessons you learned about running a business? I’d say my father taught me never to be out of work. My father is the hardest worker that I know. I try to use that everyday. No one is going to outwork the physical therapists at True Sports—I’ve learned that from my father. And then the compassion and education portion of what I do for a living certainly come from my mother, a lifelong educator. How did you initially get into physical therapy? The way I got into physical therapy and chose that as my profession was really because I’ve been a jock my entire life. I’ve always been an athlete, and so I was drawn to the sports aspect of it, but also I knew that I wouldn’t have much time outside of whatever I do for a living to help people, and that’s just because of my workaholic nature. When I fell into my science classes, I knew that I wanted to use them to help people. I was thinking medicine versus physical therapy, and when I got to chemistry, I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. I did well but I couldn’t see it—I couldn’t feel it. I got to physics, biomechanics, then anatomy. I got to strength and conditioning and I loved it. It just kept me motivated, and kept me focused, and that’s what I use every day. I use anatomy and physics with every exercise that I prescribe. That’s really how I fell into physical therapy as a profession. One of the sports you specialize in is lacrosse. Why that activity specifically? Lacrosse has become a tremendous portion of what we do at True Sports Physical Therapy because of our Baltimore roots, and because we’re based in Baltimore. Lacrosse is the biggest thing going we have in Baltimore, and so understanding that specific sport and the needs of different positions, and the differences between the men’s game and the women’s game, we’ve really embraced at True Sports. It’s out of necessity. We’re just seeing so many lacrosse players, that we’ve made it a focus of what we do. It’s been an unbelievable experience to treat and focus on the lacrosse community, to grow into that community. I’m fascinated by lacrosse on the sports side, and the physics and the biomechanics side because it takes speed, it takes size, it takes strength—but then you combine that with the fine motor skills that you need to throw, and catch, and pass, and read a field—I think it’s really unique to the sport. So we’ve really taken it on. And I cherish that I work with some of the world’s best as it pertains to lacrosse. It’s just kind of embedded in our Baltimore parentage, or home base. We’ve also been lucky enough to partner with Israel Lacrosse, which has been around for 4 years now, and is spreading the game of lacrosse throughout the state of Israel. Seeing some of Israel’s elite athletes compete on the world’s stage with an immense amount of success—and probably more importantly—pride for the country that they’re representing, has been an unbelievable experience. What kinds of athletes do you treat most often? I think the sport that provides the most injuries in Baltimore—and just because this is Baltimore—is lacrosse, because more people are playing lacrosse than playing any other sport in Baltimore, and it’s a contact sport. I’d say both boys’ and girls’, men’s and women’s, they’re both pretty much contact sports, and so that’s become our bread and butter, and the way that we’re setting ourselves apart from others treating such pathologies, or such injuries is our collaborative care. We probably know your strength coach or your personal trainer or your team coach if you’re a lacrosse player in Baltimore, and that’s because we’ve worked with all of them. So, for an athlete to come into our practice, for us to understand the nature of their lacrosse injury, to treat it and then get on the phone and then shoot an email to their coach or their trainer or whoever it may be, and say, “here’s what we’re working on. What are you seeing? How can we help you?” We do that with their coaches, medical doctors, and surgeons. Do you have plans to expand? Physical therapists from True Sports are going into ORs across Baltimore in various hospitals to observe the surgeries that our patients are undergoing so we can better understand the process and be humble about our place in the rehab process. We’re a piece of it, the athlete is a major piece of it, and so is the coach, so is the trainer, so are the parents for the adolescent. You have to understand that whole world, and I think that’s what True Sports does well. My vision is certainly to scale what we’re doing now in one location across the entire landscape of sports rehab. This model, while unique, is sustainable. This model, to date, is really unheard of, but we’re certainly making it a proven model and absolutely have plans to scale it as far as we can.  


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