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Dissecting The Deal Video Series: Evaluating Companies in a Merger

Michael N. Mercurio, Esq. and Offit Kurman, P.A. hosted the Dissecting the Deal panel, alongside sponsors Chesapeake Corporate Advisors, LLC and Corsum Consulting.  The panel provided an inside look into the recent merger transaction of Trusant Technologies, LLC and The Kenjya Group Inc, to form the single operating entity, The Kenjya-Trusant Group, LLC.  Attendees had the unique opportunity to learn how the two similarly situated government contractors were able to successfully merge and what challenges they faced during the merging process.  There was a lively and open question and answer session at the end of the panel discussion.

Dissecting the Deal and previous panels entitled Prepping the Deal are a part of the Anatomy of a Deal series, headed by Mike Mercurio.  The Anatomy of the Deal series provides exclusive events for entrepreneurs, owners and C-level officers interested in learning more about mergers, combinations, and joint ventures for small and mid-sized companies.  Mike Mercurio provides business strategy and legal counsel to businesses going through a merger or an acquisition.



Mike_Mercurio_WebsiteNEWBusiness attorney and M&A lawyer Michael N. Mercurio serves as outside general counsel on matters related to business law, M&A, and real estate law As a strategic partner to firm clients, Mr.  Mercurio regularly counsels entrepreneurial individuals and assorted entities on all aspects of business and commerce, with a core specialty in mergers and acquisitions—both from the sell side perspective and buy side perspective.