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A Video Conversation with Nosherwan Raja, CEO of TASC Management- Part 3

Click here for Part 1, Part 2 Providing technology, application, security, and certification for business, government, and defense clients tascNosherwan Raja is the CEO of TASC Management. Based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, TASC Management provides information technology training and services to private and government clients in industries such as defense, security, business management, and healthcare. The company boasts credentials as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, IBM Business Partner, Cisco Solutions Provider, and more. In 2009, TASC won a CIO 100 Award for its work on the Internal Revenue Service’s Video Relay Service Project. Nosherwan Raja spoke with citybizlist founder Edwin Warfield for this interview. EDWIN WARFIELD: What does the name stand for? NOSHERWAN RAJA: TASC stands for Technology, Application, Security, and Certification. Basically, that’s the name. If you look at our domain areas and how we’re operating, that summarizes the work that we do in different areas, which is technology-related applications, information security, and then certification—which is related to our training and certification. When did your career as an entrepreneur begin? It started back in 2004. I had worked with Tahm [Hormozdyaran] in different capacities. In 2011, we kind of joined our efforts of what work that I was doing in information security and basically Tahm’s expertise in information technology. We decided to form TASC Management to do work in these different areas and to support different projects and capabilities that we can bring in. Tell us about the company today. I work in essence three or four different complete companies and then under one particular umbrella. I do training and certification. We have a complete set of activities under IT training and certification, which includes from classroom boot camp based trainings to an under vehicle inspection system, which is part of our security and surveillance division. A lot of that work we do in the Middle East, a lot of the work we are doing internationally. So at different stages it drives the company or the revenue or any streams that come through with it. From a training perspective, we have a long-term contract with US government agencies—Department of Defense—and at the same time under the under vehicle inspection system and the information security related projects, we have a very good, solid customer base, in which we provide our under vehicle inspection system in that part of the world. That is driven in various countries, not one particular country but in various countries. Tell us about Tahm, your co-founder. Tahm Hormozdyaran is the co-founder of the company and TASC Management. He is also the President of TASC Management Corporation, and we in certain capacities have worked previously and I think in 2011 we built and combined our capabilities to form TASC Management Corporation. How would you describe what sets the company apart? I think it drives from what we have done in our previous experiences, and especially my experience in GE and Tahm’s experience in a big corporation like Siemens. It has helped us to understand different aspects of the business. I was part of GE’s Information Management Leadership Program in which we worked and under the management of GE and they were, at that stage, mentoring us into different projects and how to look at the problems of the customer and how to bring back solutions. I think that is the very basic foundation of TASC Management, which is the solution provider. We look at the problems, all the work, and all the different areas of projects that we have done. They are very unique in their own capacity, but at the same time very innovative at different stages of the technology sector. Do you consider TASC to be an international company? We’re based out of the US, obviously. Yes, from the aspect of our customer base and focus yes, we are an international organization. We operate in multiple countries. We are under vehicle inspection system—90% of that work in the international market in the Middle East. We primarily focus in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonesia, Pakistan, and India. Those are the areas where we have provided, our solutions are being utilized, installed. And most recently we won an order from Egypt, from Department of Defense in Egypt, to provide our under vehicle inspection system for multiple checkpoint securities. How are you able to work with so many partners overseas and stay in the U.S.? We operate with our partners. We operate with our integrators in those areas. Basically the model that we have, it did not require us to have a physical presence in that part of the world. I think that we have a product and as a solution it works, but we do provide support in those areas through our integrators and partners that we have built a network of in the past five years.


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