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The Legal Minute Video Series: Give the Gift of Co-Parenting to your Kids

The Legal Minute is your trusted video series about family law issues that may affect you or someone you know. Family Law Attorney, Alex Allman, shares his stories, experiences, tips and recent family law news through this fast-paced, entertaining animated video series.


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year!  Kids and their parents look forward to family traditions during this holiday season to make this time of the year special and memorable. For many families, however, these traditions get turned upside down when a divorce or separation occurs. While parents often feel like their heart is being ripped out when they have to share their children with their ex on a holiday, what the children go through is equally emotional, particularly when they feel their parents’ tension with each other. Separated parents should do their best to turn their mental focus to the kids, and not on their ex, and what he or she is doing, not doing, or getting out of the “deal.” Making a concerted effort to place your mental attention on the children will distract you from the pain and frustration of the separation, and will result in better co-parenting. Being considerate of your children and your ex as they adjust to this situation will help them create pleasant memories.


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