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Biz Tek Today: Is there a right time to sell one’s business?

biztek Is there a right time to sell one’s business?  For obvious reasons, owners seek to sell their business when the enterprise value is highest.  Without the crystal ball ability to predict the future, how does an owner truly know when his/her business has attained its highest enterprise value?  After all, businesses go up in value (and go down in value).  I don’t profess to have insight on knowing the perfect time to exit one’s business.  However, I can tell you that I believe entrepreneurial businesses follow a  lifecycle much like that of a NFL player.  Take a NFL running back for example.  This person may be able to play in the league for 10 years; however, there are really only 3 to 5 years when this person is operating at peek potential and correspondingly has his highest market value.  I submit that for most businesses the cycle of peek potential and highest market value is reflective in a short window of time.  Having the emotional intelligence to peg that window and execute on it takes a mix of skill and good luck.


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