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A Video Conversation with Nosherwan Raja, CEO of TASC Management on Notable Clients and Projects

Click here for Part 1 Providing technology, application, security, and certification for business, government, and defense clients 1447034667_Nosherwan RajaNosherwan Raja is the CEO of TASC Management. Based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, TASC Management provides information technology training and services to private and government clients in industries such as defense, security, business management, and healthcare. The company boasts credentials as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, IBM Business Partner, Cisco Solutions Provider, and more. In 2009, TASC won a CIO 100 Award for its work on the Internal Revenue Service’s Video Relay Service Project. Nosherwan Raja spoke with citybizlist founder Edwin Warfield for this interview. EDWIN WARFIELD: Can you tell us about the project you won a CIO 100 award for? NOSHERWAN RAJA: It was a pilot project that we did for the IRS, which is for supporting the deaf and hard of hearing employees of the IRS. The IRS has 350-plus deaf and hard of hearing employees and they were looking for a solution which would help them to communicate among themselves using a sign language, but at the same time being able to be part of the day-to-day activities and communicate with the hearing person. So, we did a pilot in which we brought in a video communication solution for them utilizing the Cisco technologies. In general, the IRS’s requirement was to have a secure infrastructure, so we built that solution in which the deaf and hard of hearing individuals and employees of the IRS—either in a similar facility or in multiple facilities across the U.S.—are able to communicate among themselves using the sign language. But, at the same time, if a hearing person wants to communicate with them they can use a similar technology, dial in, an interpreter comes online, and they are able to communicate with the hearing person. So, basically minimizing the day-to-day effort involved in utilizing the onsite interpreters, which is sometimes very difficult from the management of time and availability of those individuals on a timely fashion. Are there other success stories or case studies you can share with us? The case studies or any unique projects that we have done in different capacities—obviously, we work in multiple streams, so we have supported US government agencies and Department of Defense in our training and certification solutions. We built a complete, end-to-end, one-stop shop kind of a solution for them, in which not only we provide the classroom facility, we provide the equipment. We have the capability to run up to a 40-student actual, physical classroom anywhere in the world. We have done work for Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. We have done work in Royal Air Force in UK, for the Navy in Guam. Those are the one-stop shops not only providing the facility and the location, but at the same time managing the student coming into the classroom—managing their schedule to providing them the exams, the vouchers. And then, when the class is finished, providing them an onsite exam, so they can have a better value out of the immediate results of their trainings.   Similarly, we’ve built under vehicle inspection systems. This is part of our security and surveillance. It’s a solution that is part of a gate checkpoint security perspective. It helps to do a visual detection of undercarriage of a vehicle when it comes to the gate. We have integrated with the automatic licence plate reader cameras and the driver camera, and now our own copyrighted software that helps you to capture the complete data of all the visitors coming to your secured facility. Basically, it minimizes—if you have seen the mirror on a stick kind of a thing and the guard goes around the car—what we have done is, through our solution, not only we have given a better visual detection, but at the same time it captures the complete record of who was there at what time and then you can run reports and evaluate that. So, these are some of the things. We have also done a virtual service delivery for the IRS, which is providing service delivery support, customer service support through our video communication. The IRS has different tax assistance centers in remote location where they sometimes do not have the expertise to help out the public, and they had to reschedule all these events in different stages and fashions, so by implementing this solution, which is a video solution, the agent could be sitting here in D.C.—for example—and then able to communicate with the public or anybody who’s looking for tax assistance and provide technical expertise remotely in those locations. The IRS actually won an Award for that particular project.


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