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Biz Tek Today: Networking

biztek Networking is a dirty word for some. We all know that it is a “necessary” evil for our businesses. However, finding quality networking that lives up to its hype is difficult. Many times networking can be overwhelming and at times underwhelming. And for women CEOs (see article below) frustration with networking is compounded. But for entrepreneurial business in the middle market figuring out the networking juggernaut is paramount. We all know networking establishes relationships and relationships turn into business. If you have a secret networking angle, please share! PS – for a shameless plug check out my “Connections” program designed to help business CEOs find quality networking opportunities.


6 Things First-Time Entrepreneurs Need to Do Next Entreprenuer So, you had a great idea that you managed to turn into a business. You have a few partners-in-crime, your product has launched and maybe you even raised some money. But now what?…..READ MORE Networking Isn’t Easy for Women, but It Is Crucial Wall Street Journal Women executives trail men in connections that can help their careers. New programs try to counter that….READ MORE How Small Businesses Can Find, Keep Big Business Clients Daily Herald Especially as they start up, many entrepreneurs cast covetous eyes on Fortune-list companies. Getting past the gatekeepers at Big Company Inc. isn’t easy, although it can be done….READ MORE Smart Networking: The Right (and Wrong) Way to Network Huffington Post Networking is one of the most powerful tools for personal and professional advancement. Successful people know this….READ MORE Where Can Women Entrepreneurs Find the Most Success? City Lab With women like Elizabeth Holmes founding multi-billion dollar companies, and others such as Sheryl Sandburg and Beth Comstock running them, there’s a growing sense that the U.S. is finally starting to carve out space for tenacious women in the upper-most echelons of the business world….READ MORE The One Thing Every CEO Needs to Start Doing Fortune I have been in the working world for almost 30 years. Through my journey to become CEO of a publicly traded company, I have learned quite a few lessons and am often asked for my thoughts or advice…READ MORE


How A Podcast Can Save Your Small Business Huffington Post Clever marketing can mean the difference between small business life and death. It’s estimated 44 Australian small businesses close their doors every day. The reasons for business failure vary…. READ MORE How Business Decisions are Driving Technology Spending ZDnet For a long time the technology investments businesses made were mainly in areas that would help keep back-office systems running. But today, businesses are increasingly relying on technology to deliver the company’s overall business strategy….READ MORE 3 Key Pieces of Technology Entrepreneurs Can Leverage to Grow Their Business Huffington Post Starting a business used to require a lot of time and effort. All the paperwork needed to be filled out manually and submitted via snail mail….READ MORE


Selling Your Business: 8 Things a Buyer Will Want to Know Smart CEO Have you thought about what makes your business valuable? Most business owners can explain what differentiates their company from competitors. These differentiators may include brand, product capabilities, key people, technology or aspects of a service offering. However, taking a step back to look at your business through the lens of a prospective buyer….READ MORE Buying/Selling Dental Practice is Complicated GRBJ I often have people referred to me say, Each year, hundreds of thousands of businesses change ownership. No matter what type of business you’re looking to buy or sell, there is a great deal of planning and preparation that goes into it…..READ MORE 4 Negotiating Strategies for the Sale of Technology Companies BusinessJournal If you are thinking of selling, there are tactics a technology company should use to improve its chances of a successful sale….READ MORE The 3 Main Reasons You’re Not Closing the Deal Entrepreneur When I was first getting started in business, I regularly struck out. I sold knives to companies as gifts, and while I closed my first corporate sale within two weeks, it was to my girlfriend’s father — the sale didn’t feel like it really counted …READ MORE What to Expect When Selling Your Business to a Private Equity Group Entrepreneur What should I expect when private equity starts sniffing around my company?A: Expect to get put through the ringer. Selling to a private equity group (PEG) may be a great exit strategy for an owner who wants or needs to get substantial liquidity out of the business but wants to remain in operational control…..READ MORE

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