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The Legal Minute Video Series: Ashley Madison Scandal in Defense of the Wrongly Hacked

You have probably seen the headlines: hackers recently breached, which markets itself as dating network for people looking to have an affair, and revealed millions of users’ identities. It’s the kind of story divorce lawyers salivate over, anticipating all of the business to come from jilted spouses who discovered their partners had kept a secret account on the site. In the wake of this explosive news, however, I urge caution. The damage this information may cause to an otherwise reconcilable and healthy marriage concerns me, and I would like to underscore the inherent risks of jumping to conclusions about this type of data. In my work as an attorney, I have frequently encountered evidence on a computer that such a site has been accessed, but to be clear: the only immediate conclusion one can draw is just that the information exists on the computer. It is the kind of evidence that digital forensic experts would treat with skepticism. Indeed, scandalous websites can surreptitiously show up on your computer through a variety of means, such as dropping cookies.


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