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The Legal Minute Video Series: When the “Perfect” Couple Gets a Divorce

Gwen and Gavin. Ben and Jen. Blake and Miranda. These are only a sample of the recent celebrity splits to dominate internet searches and supermarket magazine headlines. It’s not a new phenomenon, either; 20 years later, we’re still talking about Princess Di and Prince Charles’ divorce. Why do we care? Celebrities seem to have it all: fame, beauty, riches, the perfect relationships. But carefully-crafted public images do not reflect reality. And whether we realize it or not, we often hold our friends to the same unreasonable standards. In the real world, divorce happens, and we need to keep our minds open to the possibility that maybe “perfect” spouses weren’t so perfect for each other after all. Believing otherwise can have harmful effects on the dissolving family’s well-being. In my latest Legal Minute, I look at the damage that prying, gossip, and rumors wreak on an already-hurt relationship.

If you’re facing emotional stress brought about by rumors or gossip during a divorce, get in touch with us. Offit Kurman’s family law attorneys are sensitive to how social circles—not just families—affect and are affected by divorce. To learn more about our family law practice, please click here. To get in touch with me, click here. The Legal Minute is your trusted video series about family law issues that may affect you or someone you know. Family Law Attorney, Alex Allman, shares his stories, experiences, tips and recent family law news through this fast-paced, entertaining animated video series.


Alex Allman Mr. Allman focuses his practice in the areas of family law and civil litigation. Mr. Allman has been involved in handling all aspects of domestic or family law cases, including divorce, property distribution, child custody, child support and alimony, as well as a broad range of complex commercial and civil litigation.