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Biz Tek Today: Determine If Advice Is Good Advice


I am a believer that answers to our most of our questions are out there waiting to be found. That few problems require us to “reinvent the wheel” to solve. Rather, in this age where information is readily available, how do we discern what information is actually good information? Business owners, most of whom find it lonely at the top, are frequent recipients of solicited and unsolicited advice. How do these owners vet such advice and process into action? Check out the Forbes article below providing a few suggestions.


How much Cash Do You Need for Your Business’s Safety Net? Entrepreneur In any business, liquidity is important. You need enough cash to pay your obligations. That is, over time the amount of cash that flows into your business must be greater than or equal to the amount of cash that flows out of your business…….READ MORE

Does Putting Women in Charge Strengthen Your Business? Small Business Trends Is the secret to a long lasting business having women in leadership roles? A recent survey conducted by Kennesaw State University in conjunction with EY suggests the answer is… READ MORE The Biggest, and Most Avoidable, Mistake of New Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur No matter who you are, what industry you’re in or what type of company you’re launching, starting a business is nerve-wracking….READ MORE The Worst Mistake You Can Make As An Entrepreneur? Ignoring Obvious Problems Forbes There are a lot of mistakes that you can (and likely will) make as an entrepreneur. From hiring the wrong people to not raising enough capital, the potential pitfalls are numerous….READ MORE How Can A Small Business Owner Or Entrepreneur Determine If Advice Is Good Advice? Forbes Travis Timmons of Fitness Matters is given advice all the time –and he rejects most of it because it doesn’t pass the test of the 4 lenses that he learned from studying the teachings of ….READ MORE


10 Questions To Guide Your Marketing Technology Strategy Marketing Land Marketers are increasingly reliant on technology solutions to plan, create, manage, automate and monitor campaigns. A strong marketing technology foundation in your business can help optimize productivity, maximize ROI and create competitive advantages…. READ MORE Tech Talk: What’s upcoming for technology Comcast is adding another hook to try to keep customers in front of the TV: video games in its set-top boxes. The country’s largest cable TV provider is working with video game maker Electronic Arts. For now, the service is free for people who pay for both Comcast TV and Internet….READ MORE The Secret Of Success In The Technology Business? Not Technology, But Business Forbes Something rather interesting is happening in the software business, and is still little remarked-on. Software is becoming less important….READ MORE 32 Financial-Technology VCs Entrepreneurs Need to Know Entrepreneur In 2014, the value of investment in U.S. financial technology companies was approximately $3.97 billion, which in reality shouldn’t be all that shocking. The “fintech” industry is booming right now…READ MORE


Selling your business: 8 things a buyer will want to know SmartCEO Have you thought about what makes your business valuable? Most business owners can explain what differentiates their company from competitors. These differentiators may include brand, product capabilities, key people, technology or aspects of a service offering….READ MORE

Selling Your Business — Your Tax Strategies Depend On Who The Buyer Is Forbes In the first installment of this series, we asserted that, as the seller of a business, YOUR tax strategy will vary depending on who the buyer is….READ MORE The Many Facets of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Mergers and Acquisitions Metro Corp Counsel It may be that enough has been written about the holdings in Great Hill Equity Partners IV, LP v. SIG Growth Equity Fund I, LLLP, 80 A.3d 155 (Del. Ch. 2103) (herein, “Great Hill”) and Tekni-Plex, Inc. v. Meyner & Landis…..READ MORE Buying an existing business? Due diligence is a must Daily Courier I’m considering purchasing an established business. I’ve invested wisely and know I have the money to do this. And, I have the skills and expertise I need…READ MORE

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