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CEO Video Interview: Symphony Placements Named to Inc. 5000 List for Second Year In A Row

Driving growth in clients’ businesses through staffing solutions and a roster of unparalleled talent WandaCongratulations to Wanda Smith, the founder and CEO of Symphony Placements, a full-service staffing firm in the Baltimore Metro area on being named to the Inc.5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies.  This is the second year in a row that the company has been named to the list.  Symphony placements has achieved triple digit growth over a three year period. Q. Why pick the name “Symphony Placements”? Symphony Placements brings harmony to your staffing. That’s my tag line. When I decided to go back into temporary staffing and start my own business, a name was very very important to me. I didn’t want to be known as a temp agency. We have a lot more class than that. We give a lot more back to not only our clients but to our candidates. My husband would throw out a name and I would give the tagline. So he threw out “Symphony.” I thought, symphony, an orchestra, well-groomed, professional, well-attired, working in harmony, a team— we bring harmony to your staffing. It’s a natural, so we were very happy about it and that’s what stuck. Today we still keep it and I would like to think that Wanda Smith is Symphony Placements. After all, it was my baby, I named it, I thought of everything, I brought it up and then I attracted a fabulous team. I have one of the greatest teams that support me and my company and they share the same message that I do. Q. Why do clients choose Symphony? I founded the company in 2006. It’s a flexible staffing company with a lot of HR solutions for all different-sized companies. We have an infrastructure with Symphony Placements that we’re actually able to go anywhere as long as there’s internet and can open an office. Everything is cloud-based. Everything is computerized: from timesheets to payroll to paying on debit cards, so I have the ability to go wherever a client needs me. I build relationships and care about my clients. I’m really, really happy because a lot of the clients I have today I started with in 2006, 2007, and 2008. So, we’ve been able to grow the company by not constantly looking for a new business, but retaining the business that we started and growing along with those companies, as well as attracting new business. Q. What services do you specialize in? Call centers have become a large part of our business. A lot of companies are bringing their call centers back to US soil because of having so many problems with communication and understanding overseas. It’s really booming in the Baltimore/Washington area. Q.How do you go about recruiting staffing talent? Unfortunately, as I think every employer realizes, we’ve experienced an erosion in the work ethic in our society and attracting top talent is extremely important. They not only have to possess the skills set, but they have to be able to go to work five days a week, be on time, and buy into the company, take ownership of their roles. It’s become a very challenging time because we’ve gone through an era where we really don’t have enough skilled people for all the jobs. So, making sure that we get or track the right talent for the right client is perhaps the most challenging. Q. Have you considered acquiring another company? I definitely would acquire a company if I like that company, and if that company showed the same type of vision in quality customer service and reputation as my company. Sure, I would like to hit 25-50 million in the next five years, that’s not out of the question. We could try to do that. Click here to read Part 1 of the interview  Connect with  Wanda on LinkedIn


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