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Most people incorrectly view non-profits as not businesses and no money. Yet there are many highly sophisticated and successful businesses that are non-profits. The article below on lessons to learn from non-profit businesses is spot on. Non-profits must hone their message, refine their value propositions and zero in on their constituents to survive. And the most successful non-profits have these traits and more mastered. When looking for an edge in business consider what our non-profits friends can teach us. After all, non-profits are complicated businesses looking to advance their cause just like for profit businesses.


Taking Leadership To The Next Level Forbes Arsenal’s comfortable victory in this year’s FA Cup Final was, of course, a great achievement for the soccer club’s long-serving manager Arsene Wenger and the team he has assembled with rather less free spending than his counterparts at some other leading Premier League organizations…READ MORE

The Cost of Being an Entrepreneur and the Key Attribute That Determines Success: Grit INC Norm Brodsky, a coach and member of the New York chapter of the Inc. Business Owners council, is fond of saying, “As an entrepreneur, you’d better be successful because you’re unemployable ..READ MORE How CEOs Stay in the Know The C Suite CEOs know that it’s vital for them to keep on top of what’s going on in their organisation, and almost all have developed a ‘personal knowledge infrastructure’ to help them do just that…READ MORE 5 Steps Entrepreneurs Should Take Before Seeking Investment Forbes No matter what your goal is, preparation is the key to success. So, before you seek funding from an investor, there are some specific steps you should take to improve your chances of getting money….READ MORE 4 Lessons That Nonprofits Can Teach Entrepreneurs Entrepreneur Nonprofits are often perceived as being less businesslike and bottom-line driven than their for-profit counterparts. But in reality, there’s no better model for learning how to cultivate passionate…READ MORE


Tech Tips: Stay safe by reducing reliance on passwords Ohio So many online accounts, so many passwords. No wonder it’s tempting to turn to apps and services that promise to keep track of your passwords…. READ MORE Entrepreneurs to face worsening tech skills shortages BRW The so-called digital economy now makes up 5.1 per cent of Australia’s gross domestic product, with annual contribution increasing from $50 billion in 2011 to $79 billion in 2013-14,….READ MORE The Secret Of Success In The Technology Business? Not Technology, But Business Forbes Something rather interesting is happening in the software business, and is still little remarked-on. Software is becoming less important….READ MORE Four Ways Technology Is Advancing Business Syn-Con Technology is advancing all around us. From our TVs that we use in our homes to the smart phones we ever so mindlessly use on a day-to-day basis, and they’re becoming…READ MORE


Even after selling a family business, succession planning is necessary Crain’s Detroit Eugene Applebaum opened his first drugstore in Dearborn in 1963. By 1998, Arbor Drugs had 208 stores and was sold for $1.5 billion. ….READ MORE

Selling Your Business — Your Tax Strategies Depend On Who The Buyer Is Forbes In the first installment of this series, we asserted that, as the seller of a business, YOUR tax strategy will vary depending on who the buyer is..READ MORE Add value to your business before you sell  Post Crescent If you are thinking of selling your business, make sure you get top dollar for all the hard work and sacrifice you’ve put in. To do that, you must maximize cash flow and reduce risk for the new owner….READ MORE Do you know when it’s time to sell your business? Business Journal Whether referring to stocks, home sales, or sales of any other item or commodity, a common question lately is, “How can I beat the market?”….READ MORE

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