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Bankruptcy Preference Demand Video: Defenses – Part 2

What happens when a company that owes you money goes bankrupt? And how should you respond when that company claims the reverse, and threatens you with a lawsuit if you refuse to return whatever payment they have made? In this video series, Offit Kurman business law and transaction attorney Glenn D. Solomon explains how and why some bankrupt entities turn the tables on their creditors, as well as the alternatives and defenses available to you if you receive the dreaded bankruptcy preference demand.

About Glenn D. Solomon

Business Lawyer Glenn D. Solomon Glenn D. Solomon Esq., is a principal at the law firm of Offit Kurman and has represented clients in preference actions all across the United States. Mr. Solomon has provided counsel to businesses and business owners for more than twenty-five years, with extensive experience in the purchase and sale of businesses, structuring ownership agreements, advising companies in financial distress and bankruptcy preference avoidance actions.

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