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Biz Tek Today: Hunting in a Farmer’s World


I recently attended a seminar presentation entitled “Hunting in a Farmer’s World”. The premise of the presentation centered on the need for business folks to “hunt” for continued existence. The “hunter” is usually the business owner; the person that when there are no options and the path forward seems impossible, finds the way. He or she “hunts” to find the next opportunity, client, option, etc. This premise intersects with the subject matter of the article below on the single biggest mistake made by CEOs and entrepreneurs. This author offers that most owners find themselves too wrapped up in the day to day to regularly hunt and because they do not regularly hunt they find their businesses stagnating and suffering. Years ago humans were required to regularly hunt for basic survival; likewise, presently business folks need to recognize that hunting is still part of the day to day business needs for company survival.


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