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Friday Factoid: Marshawn Lynch Applies to Register His Oft-Used Catchphrase

One may file an “intent to use” application to seek the USPTO’s authorization to register a mark before the applicant commences use of the mark. On February 18, 2015, media averse Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch applied for the USPTO to register I’M JUST HERE SO I WON’T GET FINED in connection with athletic clothing and hats. As of the date on which he filed the application, Mr. Lynch had not made or sold any such items displaying the mark. Sources: USPTO App. Ser. No. 86/539,002 Jon Wachs websiteIf you have any questions regarding the content of this communication, please contact Jonathan R. Wachs: | 301.575.0302. If you would like to subscribe to receive Friday Factoids® in your inbox click here.