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Read|Delete: Four Common Small Business Mistakes That Lead to Employee Lawsuits


Lawsuits are filed against small businesses far too often–many of which are due to easily avoidable human resources mistakes that aren’t seen until it’s too late. Many of these lawsuits involve current or past employees who believe they have some kind of “dirty laundry” on the business, or think they can turn a minor grievance into a major payday. Here are four common small business mistakes that lead to employee lawsuits: 1. Not running background checks on employees 2. Not using employment agreements 3. Inadequately documenting terminations 4. Ignoring relevant employment laws Source: Huffington Post Got an interesting Fast Fact for a business audience? Please send and share it with our 1,653 subscribers. Click here to subscribe to Read|Delete and receive fast facts delivered weekly. | 301.575.0332 | Biz Tek Today You can also connect with Offit Kurman via FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube, and LinkedIn