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Read|Delete: Five Ways to Protect Your Customers Against Cyberattacks.

computer-coder Data breaches and cyberattacks have dominated the news over the past several months. Hackers don’t just go after multinationals, smaller companies are often prime targets for attackers. The first step of defense is eliminating denial. Here are five areas where entrepreneurs should take caution and increase their customer safeguards:

  • Off-line practices- State-of the-art online security won’t protect against terrible office practices, like passing around order forms with credit card numbers and other customer data.
  • Employees- Train workers to identify and avoid common scams. Establish a written security policy that governs employees’ day-to-day activities on company computers and accounts to avoid them mistakenly inviting intruders into the network.
  • Mobile- Don’t forget employees tablets and smartphones. Every device should have anti-virus and anti-malware software and commercial grade firewalls installed.
  • Hardware Safeguards- Don’t keep any data you don’t legitimately need, and make sure you’re guarding that data responsibly. Start with good password policies and encryption software on all your computer hard drives.
  • Cloud protection- Use an offsite data-backup provider that is keeping your data encrypted in more than one location, and [make sure] that their security is strong enough for intruders not to get in.

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