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Should Your Company Use Non-compete Agreements?

For many companies, non-compete agreements are employed to protect intellectual property, client information, trade secrets, business plans, etc. If, for example, a tech company trains its employees to make valuable creative contributions to its product line, it cannot permit those employees to take their training, knowledge, and expertise to another employer.

Imagine what would happen to a company if an employee developed a unique new computer chip, then left the company with the knowledge of how to re-create that chip. The company would lose a significant competitive edge in the marketplace.

Here’s another example: One of my clients invests heavily to train his employees to use sophisticated machinery. Once trained, those employees are not expected to leave and seek employment with a competitive company.

His employees represent a significant value, and their non-compete agreements not only reduce the likelihood that they will leave, but also reduce the likelihood of employee-poaching by other companies.

If an employer wants to restrict an employee from seeking employment with a competitive company or starting his or her own business, a non-compete agreement, if reasonable, can prevent that from happening.

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