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Read| Delete: Myths of Small Business Ownership

Read Delete business myths For maximum small business success, don’t fall prey to the myths of ownership. Here are four myths about small business ownership: 1. “When I am an owner, I will be my own boss”- You won’t have an employer telling you what to do. But you will trade that one boss for many others: customers, landlords, bankers, the IRS, regulators and even employees. 2. “When I own my own business, I won’t have to work as hard as I do now”- That is actually true- you will work much harder. 3. “When I own my own business, I can take off whenever I want”- Maybe. However you may find that your business has such a compelling attraction that you won’t want to take off. 4. “When I own my own business, I will make a lot of money”- It’s true, you actually could get rich, but it’s more likely you’ll just make a living. Source: Fox Small Business Center

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