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Read|Delete: Three Questions to Ask Before a Potential M&A Transaction

Mergers and Acquisitions Most business owners of privately held companies see mergers and acquisitions as a one-way street. They seek out M&A options only when they are ready to sell their company. In truth, M&A transactions can provide a number of innovative options to expand a business to new heights without selling the company in its entirety.  To ensure your own happiness, ask yourself these three questions before a potential M&A transaction:

  1. What are your personal and professional objectives? Think about what you want your company to look like three, five and 10 years from now. Do you want or need to be involved in the company to accomplish this objective? In addition, think about your personal life, do you need to sell your company to reach your personal goals?
  2. What do you do best? Identify which part of your business you enjoy the most and do well and determine if it’s what you would like to continue to do after the transaction is completed.
  3. Who do you think would be your perfect investor? Before you begin the M&A process, envision the perfect investor- his or her qualities and contributions and how he or she can help you meet your personal and professional objectives.


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