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Read|Delete: Five Key Rules for Demystifying the Acquisition Process

101326701-170000344.530x298 Pluralsight, the leading online provider of tech and creativity training for professionals just went on an M&A spree. They purchased four new companies in eight months. Through the process they developed five key rules for demystifying the acquisition process:

  1. Repeat what works- The most fundamental aspect of executing a successful acquisition is to find a model that you can repeat over and over again. This means keeping it simple and having a clear vision.
  2. Expedite it- Involve key members of your team early in the process and determine who will help evaluate the various parts of the deal. Align your outside advisors quickly too, so you’re able to stay in control and not have them draw out the process.
  3. Focus on them- From start to finish, learn to think from the perspective of the company you want to acquire.
  4. Plan for where you want to be, not where you are- Growth is about becoming a bigger and better entity than you are today.
  5. Be deliberate about culture- Corporate culture plays a role in successful growth, whether or not that growth comes through acquisition or organically.


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