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The “Right to Be Forgotten” Obligates Google to Remove Certain Search Results in Europe

20140517_LDD001_0Historically, individuals have had little control over their personal information after its publication online. Once a person’s data appears on the Internet, it tends to stay there, available to anyone who searches for it. That fact is starting to change overseas, as supporters of the contentious “right to be forgotten” are making inroads in Europe, where the concept has recently gained legal ground. Three months ago, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled against Google in a case brought by Spanish citizen Mario Costeja González. Costega, who complained that a Google search of his name brought up a link to an outdated article from 1998 mentioning a foreclosure he has since paid off, sought to remove the article from search results. Due to the ECJ decision, Google must now consider individuals’ requests to delete search results that contain personal information. Only searches associated with European IP addresses are subject to the law. The right to be forgotten has already impacted major media outlets, such as Wikipedia and BBC News, the latter of which reported this week that Google removed twelve BBC News stories from search. Meanwhile, the EU Parliament has approved a reform to its Data Protection Regulation infrastructure—its first since the original 1995 legislation—which would codify the right to be forgotten and impose stricter fines (five percent of global revenue, up to €100 million) on companies who do not comply. If you have any questions about the right to be forgotten, or any other issue involving Intellectual Property Law, please contact us. If you would like to know more about the Intellectual Property assets you possess click here to download our free IP Audit Review Checklist.

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