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Howard County Zoning Referendum Struck Down by Special Appeals Court

Maryland’s second highest appeals court has struck down a citizen-led effort to bring more than a dozen zoning changes in Howard County to the ballot in November.

In a ruling released Wednesday, three judges from the Court of Special Appeals affirmed Howard County Board of Elections Director Guy Mickley’s decision to deny a petition by the Citizens Working to Fix Howard County, a grassroots group hoping to put the breaks on multiple zoning decisions in the county’s comprehensive zoning bill, which was passed by the County Council last July.

Read the entire article published in the Baltimore Sun here. William Erskine WebsiteOffit Kurman Attorney William Erskine represents the Howard County land developers whose projects have been put on hold due to an initiative by the Citizens To Fix Howard County.  If you have any questions for Erskine regarding zoning and land use matters please contact him at: or 301.575.0363   You can also connect with Offit Kurman via FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube, and LinkedIn.