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Biz Tek Today From Michael Mercurio: Increase in M&A

biztek M&A is on the increase . . . . It’s been my personal observation that there is more M&A out there than in past years.  The transactional articles below affirm this observation and give reasons as to perhaps why.  If you are a prospective future seller take note of the article on earn-outs.  Earn-outs can be powerful tools to getting a transaction completed.  But beware.  Earn-outs are also the single most area of post closing dispute between buyers and sellers.


One Question All Successful People Answer Immediately If starting multiple businesses people love is any measure of success for a serial entrepreneur, Tina Roth Eisenberg has got it made…READ MORE Working Strategies: Working for and Running a Family Business Working for a family business is a mixed proposition. Whether you’re in the clan or an outsider, you’ll experience a weird frittata of organic management styles…READ MORE Entrepreneurs Better Off Taking Less Venture Capital, Study Shows Although it seems raising as much venture capital as humanly possible is Silicon Valley’s mantra, there are reasons to be cautious when signing termsheets….READ MORE 10 Huge Ways Running a Business Has Changed in the Past 20 Years In 1994, I had more hair and weighed less. I was struggling with a new baby (and two more on the way) and all the other stress of being a young husband and father. So naturally, I quit my job and started a business. Seems logical right?...READ MORE


How Well Do Tech Companies Protect Your Data From Snooping? NPR What happens to your information online? Is it safe? Is it private? The answers depend in part on what services you use….READ MORE 12 Super Cool, Time-Saving Apps and Tools Vertical Response The surprising part of running a business is how much time is spent on tasks that aren’t core to your key mission…..READ MORE How to Anonymize Everything You Do Online One year after the first revelations of Edward Snowden, cryptography has shifted from an obscure branch of computer science to an almost mainstream notion…READ MORE


Why This Merger Boom is Different Bloomberg View As one can sense from all the news about mergers and acquisitions lately, these deals are booming again worldwide…READ MORE Did OpenTable’s Board Make the Correct Decision to Sell to Priceline for $2.6 Billion? Forbes This is a tricky question because Opentable is a product that isn’t getting better(except in one important way!) and the deal offered by Priceline is fair by any reasonable metric…READ MORE Global M&A up 73% to $1.6 Trillion; Health, Media Top Driven by the health care and media industries, 2014 has so far been the strongest year for mergers and acquisitions since the dawn of the financial crisis in 2007…READ MORE Earn-outs are a Crucial Part of Any Company Takeover Independent.IE This is largely driven by activity in the Irish tech sector. To some extent it reflects the wider economic climate, both domestically and globally. An Improving economy, with less uncertainty, is conducive to increased M&A activity …READ MORE

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