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A Conversation with Chris Fedde, President, Hexis Cyber Solutions

Chris Fedde_1Detect, Disrupt, Remediate: Defense From Inside the Network

What does it take to stay one step ahead of today’s relentlessly advancing cyber crime? For one, be sure the integrity of your company’s data does not depend upon a human being to do anything to identify, remediate, or prevent an attack. It’s a fact: advanced threats today get past existing security products and compromise networks. Leading cybersecurity executive Chris Fedde, President of Hexis Cyber Solutions, cautions that businesses must understand that traditional perimeter-based solutions are not enough. Threats must be detected from within the network before sensitive data is compromised, and removed at machine speed automatically, possible only without human intervention. Chris joined KEYW in April 2013 as an Executive Vice President, following decades of leadership in the worldwide security community. At KEYW, he led strategic product planning to meet company growth objectives, and the operations of the products business. Just months later, Chris was building and launching a commercial security business, Hexis, now a separate KEYW company. Hexis derives its capabilities and expertise from KEYW’s support of national cybersecurity and cyber warfare efforts, combined with in-depth big data analytics technology. Hexis’ mission is to ensure that business IT infrastructure is equipped with tools and capability to detect, engage, and remove both external and internal cyber threats, ensuring that enterprises of any size, within any industries, can operate in today’s hostile environment. What does a triple-threat cybercrime fighting executive – who enjoys action, change, even chaos – do to relax? Check out the full article here.

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