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Read|Delete: Adidas vs. Nike For The World Cup

Read Delete Soccer Nike is now the largest sportswear company in the world, with $25 billion in revenue and 17 percent market share. The second-largest, Germany-based Adidas, has $20 billion in revenue and 12 percent of the market. Combined they comprise 70 percent of the soccer gear market. Soccer was always Adidas’ market but Nike is closing in. Nike is sponsoring 10 teams in the 2014 World Cup while Adidas is sponsoring 9.  Source: Got an interesting Fast Fact for a business audience? Please send and share it with our 1,653 subscribers. Click here to subscribe to Read|Delete and receive fast facts delivered weekly. Thank you. Business Law and Transactions Attorney Mike Mercurio | 301.575.0332 | | Biz Tek Today