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Biz Tek Today From Michael Mercurio: Tips for Making the Leap to Business Ownership

biztek If you are an entrepreneur, check out the first article below. I bet you can identify with the tips. And if you’re thinking about making the leap to business ownership, take careful note of these tips. I imagine the many entrepreneurs reading this message have their own top 10 distinctions between being an entrepreneur and being an employee. If you have a good tip, please share.


7 Tips for Surviving the Leap From Employee to Entrepreneur Mashable Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes more than a great idea and important connections (although both do help). Making the shift from the steady life of a full-time employee to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship requires a shift in mindset that many overlook…READ MORE Maynard Webb: 4 Marketing Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs Wall Street Journal Just last week we experienced an amazing milestone at our startup Everwise. One of of our co-founders, Ian Gover, was in New York and met the president and COO of a leading analytics company…READ MORE Why Being 50 (or Older) is Just Right for Entrepreneurship Some older entrepreneurs are figuring out how to draw from retirement savings to finance the business of their dreams…READ MORE Startups See Gold Mine in Burst of Net Domains USATODAY Visit GoDaddy for a new Internet domain name and you’ll be greeted with an advertisement for one of at least 16 new domain alternatives to .com, .gov or .edu, descriptive of whatever it is you are trying to do…READ MORE


Facebook Says There are Now 30M Small Businesses With Active Pages, Including 19M on Mobile Tech Crunch Dan Levy, Facebook’s director of small business, just said that the company has 30 million small businesses with active Pages on the social network….READ MORE 4 Tech Trends That Small Businesses Should Not Ignore Huffington Post Technology is continually reshaping the business landscape by changing the way companies operate, interact with customers, and pursue new avenues for growth…..READ MORE Your Privacy is Now at Risk From Search Engines-Even if the Law says Otherwise Forbes Last week the European Union’s Court of Justice ordered Google to grant people the right to be forgotten, giving people the ability to have themselves removed from search results…READ MORE


Wall Street Beat: Mobile, Cloud Trends Spark Tech Mergers and Acquisitions Confidence in software-as-a-service, mobil and cloud technology is spurring tech mergers and acquisitions, despite lingering economic worries, according to market watchers…READ MORE What Everyone Should Know About Mergers and Acquisitions Forbes Let me take a stab at some perhaps less obvious things to know about M&A (from the perspective of a start-up founder at least)…READ MORE Why More Food Industry Mergers are Likely to Come CNBC More food company mergers like the recent $6.3 billion bid by Tyson Foods for Hillshire Brands are probably on the way-but not for the reasons investors may think …READ MORE

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