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biztek News of Significance for Entrepreneurs  Capital (and the access to capital) is the life blood of every business.  Capital can come from many sources, one of which of course, is through investors.  Taking on investors and having an investment in your business is no small matter and is something that should be carefully considered.  This edition has a number of good articles surrounding the topic of investment.


5 Traits that Make an Entrepreneur Attractive to Investors Boris Wertz, the founder of Vancouver, British Columbia-based Version One Ventures, meets 25 startup founders a week, but only invests in about 10 the whole year…...READ MORE How to Get Outside Investors and Keep Control of  Your Company Today, owners of well managed companies have more options than ever before for liquidity, growth capital, or an outright sale of their enterprise. It’s a seller’s market…..READ MORE The Worst Advice These Entrepreneurs Ever Got From an Entrepreneur Chicago Tribune If founders of some of Chicago’s more compelling startups followed the first advice they got, they’d have followed fruitless paths, wasted money or wouldn’t have started ….READ MORE Five Things Your 2013 Tax Return Can Teach You About Your Business Are you breathing a sigh of relief that another tax filing deadline has passed? Waiting anxiously for your return, if you got one?...READ MORE


The FCC Just Approved a Proposal That Will Completely ChangeThe Internet As We Know It. The game-changing vote will allow internet companies to pay for direct access to customers….READ MORE Are Tech Companies Overvalued? Top Investors Think So Is Winter coming? It may already be here, according to VCs like Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures and John Lilly of Greylock….READ MORE How Box Plans to End Your Corporate Email Hell If anyone is out to undo the painfully rigid ways of old-school business computing-a.k.a the Microsoft era-it’s Sam Schillace….READ MORE


YouTube reportedly buying Twitch for $1.8 Billion The Verge Sources with Variety report that YouTube is nearing a deal with Twitch, the popular game streaming startup, for $1 billion. The deal is said to be an all-cash offer….READ MORE What Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule Means for Selling Your Business You’ve spent countless hours mastering your industry, but you’ve never before sold a business. Think about it-and don’t go it alone….READ MORE How the NFL Could Blow Up the AT&T-DirecTV Merger TIME Forget the federal regulators-it’s actually the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell who could have final say in whether AT&T’s proposed $48.5 billion acquisition of DirecTV comes to pass….READ MORE

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