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Michael Mercurio’s Read|Delete: The Most Valuable Trophy In American Sports

Preakness3   The 2014 Preakness winner, California Chrome, took home over a million dollars in prizes; however, the Preakness Trophy made by Tiffany Co. in 1860 is not one of them. Known as the most valuable trophy in American sports, the winner is not permitted to hold the 13kg, solid silver Woodlawn Vase–worth $1 million. The trophy is permanently displayed at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The winner is instead awarded a $30k replica trophy. Source: Click here to signup to have Read|Delete delivered to your inbox every Monday. Mike_Mercurio_WebsiteNEWBusiness Law and Transactions Attorney Mike Mercurio | 301.575.0332 Linkedin | Read|Delete | Connections | Biz Tek Today