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biztek News of Significance for Entrepreneurs    The article below on family businesses and the timing for looking for CEO’s outside of the family got me thinking.  There comes a time in most businesses where the founding members need to look beyond themselves for the key management position, especially CEO (regardless of whether a family business or not).  It is natural for the ownership to fulfill this vital role (CEO).  However, the role of CEO is one that not every person is cut out to handle and there are many CEOs that perhaps would be better off being the CTO, CFO or COO of their company.  But it takes a certain amount of emotional intelligence by the decision makers to pull this trigger.   Mike Mercurio and Offit Kurman would like to congratulate all of our clients and friends who areEY Entrepreneur of the Year Award finalists for 2014 in the Greater Washington Area and in Maryland. 


When a Family Business Should Look for an Unrelated CEO? A phone call I finished had me shaking my head. In sum, a widow has ownership of her recently deceased husband’s retail service business, and there are buyers making offers for the company…...READ MORE Should I Sell My Business For Installments, Or Should I Take the Money and Run? A phone call I finished had me shaking my head. In sum, a widow has ownership of her recently deceased husband’s retail service business, and there are buyers making offers for the company...READ MORE Are You Growing Your Business Into the Ground? 5 Ways to Increase Cash Flow Owning a small business is a little like having your first child. There is no instruction manual on what to do, much of the success comes from your own instincts….READ MORE


Apple Will Soon Be the Way You Pay Online and Beyond The most impressive number from Apple’s earnings call this week wasn’t how many iPhones it sold or how much money it made.READ MORE 8 Ways to Protect Yourself From Microsoft’s Dangerous Internet Explorer Bug Internet users can’t get a breather from security threats, even as we’re still reeling from Heartbleed. And now, if your using Internet Explorer, you have even more to stress about….READ MORE Miami Looks Beyond Beaches, Bikinis To Tech Famed for it’s beaches, cruises and cafecitos, South Florida is now angling to become one of the nation’s next tech hot spots by leveraging its role as the gateway to Latin America….READ MORE


Netflix Finally Breaks into the Cable Box. Why Does That Matter? Business Week Netflix is now on Channel 450, 750, and 879. The video service will be available as just another channel on the cable box for three small cable operators….READ MORE No Regrets for the Founder of Tumbler After  Yahoo Sale When Yahoo bought Tumbler for $1.1 billion a year ago, it sent a ripple of excitement-and-anxiety- through the tech industry….READ MORE Orbital, ATK Aerospace and Defense Groups to Merge Orbital Sciences Corp. announced on April 29 that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Alliant Techsystems Inc. which will combine Orbital and ATK’s Aerospace and Defense Groups to create….READ MORE


Open Seas is the Latest Frontier for Cyber Criminals BDlive The next hacker playground: the open seas- and the oil tankers and container vessels that ship 90% of the goods moved around the planet.READ MORE Cyber-Attackers Have Advantages, but Enterprises Must Fight Back Over the past three years, the IT security community has gradually come to the consensus that every company should assume that their systems have been breached…READ MORE Senate Cybersecurity Bill in the Works Two key Senators are circulating a draft of cybersecurity legislation designed to promote the sharing of cyberthreat information by offering liability protection….READ MORE Click below to have Biz Tek Today delivered to your inbox: Signup       Biz Tek Today (BTT), is a online resource for entrepreneurs. BTT recognizes that you are a busy leader in business and that finding time to identify and read relevant news for your business is challenging. BTT seeks to lessen this burden by regularly gathering the best of the best news articles from a host of national media and industry sources and delivering them to you in one convenient email

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