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Entrepreneurs are a different breed… A breed that I really admire and respect given the risks and the angst that these folks deal with day in and day out. High risk and high reward, right? Check out the article below on 6 things entrepreneurs wish family, etc. understood.


3 Emotions at the Root of Success People who accomplish great things tend to feel these three emotions very strongly-and that’s no coincidence….READ MORE Jeff Bezos Says Amazon is Seriously Serious About Drone Deliveries In the beginning, Amazon was a lot like any other startup. Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos did a little bit of everything for the company….READ MORE 6 Things Entrepreneurs Wish Family, Friends and Employees Understood Entrepreneurs often feel misunderstood and with good reason. If people around them acknowledge the following six points everyone can benefit….READ MORE 3 Entrepreneurs Who Turned Easter into Sweet Business Easter time for most means an eclectic mix of bunny ears, colored eggs, candy and crosses that don’t intuitively fit together as a holiday...READ MORE


Nine Charged With Using Malware to Steal Millions From Bank Accounts Nine people have been charged in an alleged international conspiracy that used malicious software to gather bank account details.READ MORE The NSA has Exploited Heartbleed Bug for  Years, Bloomberg Reports The Verge Bloomberg is reporting that the Heartbleed bug, which shocked the web security community this week, has been known and actively exploited by the National Security Agency for at least two years….READ MORE 5 Fundamental Truths for Tech Companies Time Maybe that correction in technology stocks wasn’t such a bad thing after all. As tech companies have started the quarterly ritual of reporting earnings….READ MORE


GoPro Goes Big as a Hybrid Media Company/Videocam Maker Business Week A few days after Thanksgiving, a friend tagged James Kenison in a Facebook post that he couldn’t forget: It was a photo of a deer stranded on frozen Alberta Lea Lake….READ MORE Forbes Fumbles Obama Record on Merger Politicization  CNNMoney Did you know that Obama’s Justice Department selectively blocks mergers by Republican CEO’s? No? Well then, you must not be reading Forbes….READ MORE Disney Ponders the Biggest Big Media YouTube Bet Yet: Buying Maker Studios Disney has been talking to Maker Studios about an acquisition that would value the YouTube network at $500 million more….READ MORE Click below to have Biz Tek Today delivered to your inbox: Signup

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