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Business Law & Transactions Attorney at Tech Council of Maryland Roundtable

Business Law and Transactions Attorney MarylandOffit Kurman business law and transactions attorney Michael N. Mercurio, Esq. recently took part in a Tech Council of Maryland Executive Breakfast Roundtable. Top topic: Exit Planning. There is an indisputable and universal business truth: as a business owner, you will one day leave your business. So it is important to have a plan in place to ensure your exit goes smoothly. Otherwise, issues could occur.

“You don’t know when your buyer is coming,” explains Mercurio. “A lot of times, a buyer comes when you’re not looking for it.”

He added: “you need a plan for your exit, and you also have to be ready for the `now.’ If you don’t have a plan, the `now’ becomes even harder. Timing is really important. Plan – but be ready now.”

Mr. Mercurio serves as outside general counsel to clients on matters related to corporate and business law: formation and structure; ownership, management and control; financing and capital; expansion and acquisition; sale and transfer; and contraction and dissolution. As Chair of Offit Kurman’s Business Law and Transactions’ Practice Group, Mr. Mercurio is well versed in the various issues and challenges companies of all sizes and industries face in the business life cycle. He also specializes in ownership planning, helping business owners prepare and optimally transition their businesses to third parties, management or family.

About the Tech Council of Maryland:

The largest technology trade association in the state, the Tech Council of Maryland provides its members value by giving them a forum to learn, share, and connect. It is the Council’s goal to build stronger technology and life science communities in Maryland by nurturing a healthy and vibrant environment where members can connect and prosper.

Business Law and Transactions Attorney MarylandIf you have any questions about Exit Planning, please contact Offit Kurman business law and transactions attorney Mike Mercurio at:

301.575.0332 |

Mr. Mercurio sits on the board of directors of the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship of the Howard County Economic Development Authority, he is a founder of the Greater Baltimore 100+ Family Business Roundtable, and he is also the founder of CONNECTIONS a C-Level exclusive networking forum. Mr. Mercurio also serves on informal advisory boards for a number of firm clients.

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