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Intellectual Property Attorney explains what Maryland Companies should know

Maryland Intellectual Property AttorneyIn his article “Understanding Your Intellectual Property Assets,” Offit Kurman intellectual property attorney Jonathan Wachs explains what every Maryland business owner should know.

“Like most of today’s businesses, your company has a lot invested in its intellectual property (IP),” writes Wachs. “These assets are the unique advantages that separate you from your competitors.”

What are my intellectual property assets?

Your IP assets include the patents, trademarks, copyrights, and licenses that protect your ideas, products, services, and brand, as well as the trade secrets and business intelligence that make your company unique.

These assets add value to your company’s bottom line.

How do I identify my intellectual property assets?

The easiest way to identify your IP assets is with an intellectual property audit. Intellectual property attorney Jonathan Wachs conducts such audits to help his clients learn the nature and value of their IP assets and the steps needed to protect such assets from misappropriation or dilution. Once this audit is complete, you can explore ways to better leverage your IP assets, adding greater value to your Maryland business.

In today’s marketplace, a strong, well-managed IP portfolio can give any enterprise a competitive advantage,” explains Wachs. “That’s why many proactive companies look to Offit Kurman for strategic insights and services that safeguard and maximize the value of their hard-working IP assets.”

Trust Offit Kurman to provide confidential strategic counsel and representation you can trust!

Maryland Intellectual Property AttorneyIf you want to schedule an IP audit, or wish to discuss a legal issue relating to IP, please contact intellectual property attorney Jonathan Wachs, based out of Offit Kurman’s Maple Lawn, Maryland office, at 301-575-0302 or via Email. As head of the firm’s Intellectual Property Group, Mr. Wachs has developed and managed numerous intellectual property portfolios, expeditiously and successfully resolved business disputes, and negotiated hundreds of business agreements.

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