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Labor and Employment Attorney on incident with Philadelphia Ironworkers

Philadelphia Labor and Employment AttorneyOffit Kurman labor and employment attorney Neil Morris, who is based out of the law firm’s Philadelphia office, was recently quoted in a article, “Post Brothers veep recalls ‘frightening’ incident with Ironworkers.”

About a year ago, Sarina Rose, vice president of development for Post Brothers Apartments, ran into Edward Sweeney, a business agent of Ironworkers Local 401, at a local diner. What transpired next would lead to a federal indictment for Sweeney and 10 Ironworkers.

Sweeney allegedly began shouting obscenities towards Rose. When she tried to leave, Sweeney pinned her against the counter and continued to berate her. Then things got worse. About 10 other union men from various trades surrounded Rose. Fortunately, she was able to get away without much harm.

Later that day, Rose saw Sweeney walking down a Philadelphia street where union men were picketing. According to Rose, Sweeney formed the shape of a gun with his black-gloved hand and mouthed, “Bang, bang, bang.”

Rose went immediately to the police. Sweeney was later charged with terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment.

In court, Sweeney’s lawyer, Joel Trigiani, cited an exemption in the Pennsylvania crime code, an exemption state Rep. Ron Miller, R-York, described as “nonsensical law.” According to the law, harassment, stalking and threats to use weapons of mass destruction are crimes – except when the alleged conduct is by someone involved in a labor dispute.

Following the two-day trial in November, Municipal Judge Charles Hayden acquitted Sweeney on all counts.

Labor and Employment Attorney on incident with Philadelphia Ironworkers

According to Neil Morris, a labor and employment attorney in Philadelphia, the incident between Sweeney and Rose was harassment and stalking, “but a judge could say this was a labor dispute” and acquit Sweeney of the charges, as was the case.

Philadelphia Labor and Employment AttorneyIf you have any questions, please contact Offit Kurman labor and employment attorney Neil Morris at 267.338.1383 or Mr. Morris is often brought into municipalities to handle “crisis” situations involving employees and/or management. He has served as Special/Labor Counsel for more than 35 Pennsylvania Townships and Boroughs, the County of Bucks, and many private employers in and around the Philadelphia area.

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