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Philadelphia Labor and Employment Attorney in Bucks County Courier Times

Philadelphia Labor and Employment AttorneyOffit Kurman labor and employment attorney Neil A. Morris, a Top Lawyer in Philadelphia, was recently featured in the Bucks County Courier Times in regards to a civil suit former Union fire chief David Jerri Sr. and his son David Jr. filed against Morris’ clients – Bensalem’s top cop, Mayor, two police officers and a local towing company. The suit alleges malicious prosecution, false arrest, conspiracy, and defamation.  Morris believes the suit is totally baseless.  Morris indicated he will seek sanctions for alleged misconduct against an attorney and the Plaintiffs who made the false, sensational assertion that his Township clients refused to answer questions in the case by taking the Fifth Amendment. Morris said, “How can the attorney for the plaintiffs, get away with making these sensational, entirely false statements to a federal judge?” said Morris in the article, “Attorney denies officials invoked 5th Amendment,” referring to Brian Wiley, who represents David Jerri Sr. and David Jr. The Fifth Amendment reference appeared in a January 1st legal filing. Wiley stated that the Bensalem Defendants had “pled the Fifth Amendment” to questions about whether they lied, omitted, and/or withheld information from prosecutors concerning the charged they levied against Jerri Jr.  That never happened, Morris said.

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About Neil A. Morris: Philadelphia Labor and Employment Attorney Mr. Morris is the Chair of Offit Kurman’s Philadelphia Labor and Employment Practice and has served as Special/Labor Counsel for more than 35 Pennsylvania Townships and Boroughs, the County of Bucks and many private employers, though he also handles cases throughout the country. If you have any questions, please contact Philadelphia labor and employment attorney Neil A. Morris at 267.338.1383 or Mr. Morris has passionately represented employers for the last 25 years, specializing in the areas of labor and employment, municipal labor law, employment discrimination, defamation and business litigation. For more labor and employment law updates, connect with Offit Kurman via FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube, and LinkedIn.