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Read | Delete – 3.10.14

“MARKETING LIKE AN ARROGANT BASTARD: Stone Brewing shows that you Board of Directors in Mergers and Acquisitionsdon’t need ads when you’ve got attitude.” America’s love affair with craft beers was still in its infancy when Greg Koch and partner Steve Wagner, started Stone Brewing in 1966.* At the time, many Americans had never heard of craft beer, much less tasted it. Even worse, many who tasted Stone’s brews found them unpalatable. With no money for ads, Stone faced a hard road winning customers. Rather than tone down their beer, Koch and Wagner amped up the attitude. Tips from Greg Koch for building a $100 M business without spending a dime on advertising: 1. Attitude is everything. Rather than downplay the public’s early negative reaction to their beer, they wore it as a badge of honor. “This is an aggressive beer you won’t like” was proudly stated on the label. 2. Pick a fight. They reveled in their iconoclastic image, poking fun at sheep like consumerism and taste. 3. Don’t fit in. When the beer hit the shelves, it was sold in 22 ounce “bomber bottles,” instead of the traditional 12 ounce and sold as single bottles, allowing each to sell at a premium. 4. Ally with other outcasts. Koch co-founded the San Diego Brewers Guild, to promote and educate on locally brewed beers. *Stone Brewing: Inc. 500/5000 list/ 3 year growth 114%/ 2012 revenue $103.4 million/ 505 employees. Source: “Marketing Like An Arrogant Bastard,” Inc.  February 2014.  _________________________________________________________________ Got an interesting Fast Fact for a business audience? Please send and share it with our 1,623 subscribers. Thank you. Mike