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Read | Delete – 2.4.14

Please enjoy the  quick read: The  speed of wealth creation today, along with the scale, has never been greater. Mark Zuckerberg just made $3 billion in one day. With Facebook stock rising 16% to an all time high over $61 on Thursday, the social networking company’s founder and CEO ‘s worth also shot up by more than $29.7 B, according to Wealth-X. That’s up from a net worth of $20B at Facebook’s IPO in May 2012. His net worth has nearly tripled since the dark days of post-IPO when he hit his last $10B. Source:  MSN Money Partner, “Zuckerberg may be the richest   20-something ever,” Robert Frank, CNBC, 1/30/14.–zuckerberg-may-be-the-richest-20-something-ever. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Got an interesting   Fast Fact for a business audience? Please send and share it with our 1,623   subscribers. Thank you. Mike


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