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The Role of a Board of Directors in Mergers and Acquisitions

Board of Directors in Mergers and AcquisitionsThe direction of the board of directors’ principal role involves strategy, governance, and oversight of management, which includes general oversight of a company’s day-to-day activities. But what is the role of the board when it comes to mergers and acquisitions?

The Role of a Board of Directors in Mergers and Acquisitions

The depth of the board’s involvement depends on the scope and significance of the transaction as such relates to the heart of the company. For a small transaction the board may take a more relaxed role. Yet, for a substantive event, the board will take an active and direct role.

  1. Buy Side: The board of directors must address how the proposed target will align with the company from a strategic perspective. Does the deal make sense? Sometimes the numbers just do not “add up.” The board’s focus therefore needs to be on the assumptions underlying the deal, as well as the successful integration of the new company.
  2. Sell Side: The board of directors has two primary obligations. One, the board must maximize the potential return for shareholders by seeking the best price reasonably available. Two, the board must to assess whether it is an opportune time to sell the company. On the sell-side, especially with a prospective sale of all or substantially all of the equities or company assets, the board must stay active throughout the process, providing insights to and oversight of management and any company advisors.

A fully involved board can help increase shareholder value, reduce risk for potential litigation, and maintain stability within the organization during potentially trying times.

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