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Read|Delete – 12.16.13

‘Tis the season… 50 Biggest Givers

NameNet Worth ($)Total Giving 2012% of Net Worth (2012 Giving)Lifetime Giving ($)
1.Bill & Melinda Gates74 B1.9 B2.62.8 B
2.Warren Buffett58.7 B1.87 B3.225 B
3.George Soros20 B765 M3.210 B
4.Mark Zuckerberg23.9 B519 M2.2549 M
5.Walton Family144 B432 M0.34.6 B
6.Eli and Edyth Broad6.9 B374 M5.53.5 B
7.Mike Bloomberg31 B370 M1.23.4 B
8.Paul Allen15.9 B327.7 M2.12 B
9.Chuck Feeney*2 M313 M15656.3 B
10.Gordon & Mary Moore4.9 B250.5 M5.12.3 B

*Yes, we checked #9 and this is correct. Source: “50 Biggest Givers,” Forbes, Dec. 11, 2013. Full article at