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Offit Kurman Elder Care Planning Lawyer Discusses “The Sandwich Generation”

Offit Kurman elder care planning attorney Rajiv Goel addresses the need for proper elder care planning: I am often requested by my colleagues and various organizations to make presentations on the actions members of the “sandwich generation”–the generation, mostly between 40 and 60 years of age, raising their own children and helping to care for elderly parents—should be taking to prepare for an elderly parent’s long term care needs. At the conclusion of my presentations, the audience collectively thanks me for my insights and vows to take action so that they do not become the next example of how failing to plan for an elderly parent’s long term care needs can cost a family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But a day or so later, most of these individuals fail to take action. After all, addressing a parent’s disability or death is never pleasant and it is easy to avoid the issues altogether and deal with it sometime in the future when we have no other choice.  In fact, this is very mentality which has caused Congress to ignore the debt crisis! So the point of this article is pretty simple–if you have elderly parents, instead of being like Congress and “kicking the can down the road,” make an effort to engage the professionals (e.g., elder law attorney, accountant, financial advisor, etc.) who can best assist you in developing a plan for addressing your parents’ future. You will be thankful for the peace of mind.  And because the professionals often time will more than pay for themselves—instead of having a sandwich for dinner, take the money you will save and get a nice gourmet meal for you and your parents. Elder Care PlanningIf you have any questions about Elder Care Planning, please contact Offit Kurman attorney Rajiv Goel at 301.575.0316 or As an elder law and estate management attorney, Mr. Goel skillfully counsels seniors, persons with disabilities, and individuals seeking advice on how best to conserve, protect, and distribute estate assets before and after death. Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law: Estates, Trusts And Elder Law Practice Group If you’re not prepared, the cost of long-term and critical health care could wipe out your family’s hard-earned financial assets. At Offit Kurman, our elder care planning team of attorneys has the experience needed to assist seniors, disabled individuals and family members that are faced with long-term care issues and are concerned with receiving the highest quality care that can be provided in the most appropriate setting. We believe there are legal, honest and ethical ways to protect your family’s estate from being lost to high health care costs. Our Elder Care Planning attorneys help you obtain financial assistance from Medicaid and other governmental programs to pay for the necessary care. If you have any questions about Elder Care Planning, please fill out the contact form found on to access the sound legal guidance that our experienced team of attorneys has to offer. You can also connect with Offit Kurman via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn.