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New Paradigm Counsel: Growing Your Company with an Outsourced Legal Department

In today’s unsure economic times, companies of all shapes and sizes are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing productivity and, most importantly, profitability. Companies don’t know what’s on the horizon, but they do know what they need… high level talent who deliver on budget, on schedule and on the mark – all of the time. As a result, many are turning to outsourcing. An increasing number of companies have outsourced their entire accounting, human resources, and legal departments to skilled advisors. Is outsourcing right for your company? Offit Kurman Business Law and Transactions attorney Jonathan Wachs along with an all-star panel, including Mitch Weintraub, Partner, Cordia Partners; Brad Williams, Owner of The Alternative Board; and Tom Wimer, President of Axeo HR, took part in “Growing Your Company through Outsourced Business Departments,” part of Howard Tech Council’s  MCE Speakers Series. This panel discussion provided insights on why and how outsourcing, as an alternative to hiring full time employees or engaging consultants under the standard billable hour model, makes sense for many companies. Outsourced Legal DepartmentIf you have any questions about Growing Your Company with an Outsourced Legal Department, please contact Jonathan Wachs at 301.575.0302 or Mr. Wachs provides strategic counseling and operational advice to clients in many areas, including the use of an outsourced legal department. With the uncertainty of the economy, many companies are hesitant to hire in-house counsel for a variety of reasons. Some cannot predict the amount or type of legal work they will need. Others fear that a single attorney will not have the specialized skills needed to handle all of their legal needs. The solution: New Paradigm Counsel Mr. Wachs co-manages New Paradigm Counsel, a service through which Offit Kurman, one of the largest and fastest-growing full-service law firms in the Mid-Atlantic region, delivers customized, comprehensive and cost-effective outsourced legal departments to businesses, like yours. Each client is assigned a Principal at the firm who will serve as your point of contact to coordinate all of your company’s legal needs. Mr. Wachs, for example, has served as outsourced general counsel for a government contractor, a large printing business, a payment processing company and an identity theft restoration business. As projects change, your designated Client Relationship Manager will match you with an attorney who has the relevant practice area experience for that specific assignment. With New Paradigm Counsel, you can get an entire legal department of senior-level attorneys for less than the cost of hiring a full time legal employee.