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Offit Kurman Business Litigation Attorney Grows Entertainment Practice

Chill Moody is a Philadelphia native and up-and-coming hip hop artist who recently released his debut album, “RFM.” Chill Moody and Offit Kurman: two individuals in very different careers who will be forever linked. Offit Kurman Business Litigation Attorney Grows Entertainment Practice The entertainment industry has been a growing part of the practice area at Offit Kurman through his representation of Chill and fellow hip hop artist Freeway. Offit Kurman attorney and Chill have fostered both a professional and personal rapport over the past year. Chill even asked Offit Kurman attorney to appear in his video, “Change Coming.” In the video, Offit Kurman attorney plays a record executive who is trying to persuade Chill to sell out and go for the cash. Chill, meanwhile, is doing his part to protect the hip hop art form. Chill’s inspirational lyrics and passion in the video expresses his philosophy of holding onto the artistic lyricism that is sometimes, too often, overlooked in the hip-hop music industry. “This whole project was made with the mindset of the industry wants you to do ‘this,’ and they want to know how I’ve done all of this without them,” said Chill.

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