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Offit Kurman Attorney Speaks at Sixth Annual “Knowledge is Power” Forum

The Hotel at Anne Arundel Reserve recently hosted The Baltimore Business Journal’s sixth annual “Knowledge is Power” forum.  There were panelists from four local companies, including the firm’s Government Contracting Practice Group. The topic of the forum was Sequestration and its Effect on businesses that work with the federal government. When asked about the effect on the industry, Offit Kurman said, “It’s still a great marketplace. It’s just about doing things differently than what most companies are used to. They have to be more flexible and dynamic in how they’re doing things to maximize returns.” Offit Kurman attorney also advised that regional companies offer incentives to employees who already have security clearance and expertise in certain fields that are valued when contracting out.  He stated that companies need to learn to segregate costs and structure themselves so that they can compete in both commercial and government contracting environments in order to help keep their businesses afloat. The main point that he made  is that companies need to continue to give the best customer service possible and get to know  their clients’ needs,, which often means  being hands on.  The three other panelists were Erich Baumgartner (Sourcefire), Terry Grant (Katz Abosch) and and Eric Pietras (Bank of America). . Pietras talked about how the economic situation will probably not change in the near future and the importance of streamlining companies to work within the economic situation that exists.  All panelists agreed that the future of companies that are part of government contracting is optimistic as long as they find some way to market themselves in a unique and appealing manner.


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