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Offit Kurman Family Law Attorney Featured in The Washingtonian

US CapitolOffit Kurman’s very own Ronald L. Ogens was featured in the Washingtonian this past week, discussing how a divorce lawyer would handle the government shutdown situation if it were in divorce court. One of the main points that Ogens makes about the shutdown is that the intransigence that both sides are employing is causing more problems than it’s solving. Ogen’s states, “[intransigence is] repeatedly sending to the other side more or less the same offer. These tactics, in the world of divorce, custody, alimony, child support, and property division, would have sent the parties into litigation, at great expense to each and with each side destroying goodwill between the parties.” Essentially he believes that the government shutdown could have been fixed sooner if one side or the other would have offered up a little more or something different. “In family law,” Ogens states, “the reluctance to give in or seem weak almost always ends in a stalemate, which is not the goal of either party (husband and wife or Republicans and Democrats).” The inability for either President Obama or the Republican party to yield something made it so that both parties took an absurd amount of time to finally work through the issues. One of the other big problems that Ogens found with the negotiations between the Democrats and Republicans in the government shutdown is the fact that they were consistently discussing and attempting to negotiate on an issue that had already been resolved: Obamacare. On this topic Ogens states, “Let’s say the parties had already been divorced and now two years later they are discussing a change in custody . . . and the other side says, ‘What’s changed since our agreement? [passing Obamacare]. Absent any material change in circumstances, why should the custody agreement be changed?” Family Law AttorneyFor family legal counsel, please contact Offit Kurman Family Lawyer Ronald L. Ogens at or 240.507.1701. His practice areas include child support, mediation, collaborative law, custody and visitation, and divorce. To learn more about Offit Kurman’s Family Law Services, please fill out our contact form to access the sound legal guidance of our experienced family law team of attorneys. You can also connect with Offit Kurman via FacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTube, and LinkedIn.  Source: Washingtonian – How Would Divorce Lawyers Mediate the Government Shutdown Debate?