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Family Law Attorney gives his Thoughts on Government’s Marriage Squabble

Government’s Marriage SquabbleOffit Kurman Family Law Attorney Ronald Ogens provides his thoughts on the marriage squabble currently happening between the White House and House of Representatives. Mr. Ogens serves as the firm’s Chairman of the Family Law Practice Group and handles a variety of divorce matters, including separation and divorce, annulment, alimony and child support issues and analysis, child custody and visitation issues, and the identification, valuation, classification, and division of marital and non-marital property.

Mr. Ogens experience as a family law attorney helps him serve as an effective mediator and arbitrator in family law disputes, similar to the disputes our government is currently going through.

Offit Kurman Family Law Attorney gives his Thoughts on Government’s Marriage Squabble

While I would like to divorce each of our representatives from the seats that they hold, I do not think that a refusal to negotiate ever allows the parties to reach agreement, particularly on anything which is important to both sides.  However, I do not believe that the House of Representatives would achieve the majority’s goal, by repeatedly sending to the other side more or less the same offer.  These tactics, in the world of divorce, custody, alimony, child support, and property division, would have sent the parties into litigation, at great expense to each and with each side destroying good will between the parties.  This appears to be the case in the ongoing battle between Congress and POTUS.  Each side is now digging in its heals, but not about the issues in contention, but rather a reluctance to give in to the other side.  In Family Law, the reluctance to give in or seem weak almost always ends in a stalemate which is not the goal of either party (Husband and Wife or Republicans and Democrats).

With respect to Obamacare, there is also a similarity to negotiating a Marital Settlement Agreement.  In most instances, where you already have a deal (i.e. Obamacare has already been passed by Congress and signed by the President), there is little likelihood that a party who perceives that they have accomplished a goal, no matter that it may currently be fraught with problems, is going to give up the deal that they worked for, fought for, and achieved.  Seeking to end Obamacare or to defund it isn’t going to happen and I think that everyone knows that.  In divorce, we like to avoid spending negotiating capital on an issue that is already set.

Finally, in divorce, the damage inflicted by one or both sides is usually limited to the parties and perhaps their children.  In the case of the battle between the Republicans and the President and his party, the damage is obviously widespread, already felt in material ways, and may yet become a world-wide problem.  That this battle has already cost jobs, hurt businesses, and is about to wallop the overall economy, is clear.  The problems engendered by the shut- down of government and the looming default arising from failure to raise the country’s debt ceiling are being felt now, but will impose long-term  problems for the Country, the states, and all us.  These long-term problems, mostly economic, will affect us for a long time after the initial battle has been solved.  Our standing in the world will go down!

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